Why Z&T Natural Peru ?

100% organic

Impact on the social economy

A few years ago we started our work with approximately 5 families, today we work with more than 200 families. This has created a great impact on the economy of these peoples and has helped them develop!

Organic and Safe Foods

Our super foods are grown naturally and organically. We take care of each plant from birth to give the best of nature to our customers.

International certifications

Our products have organic certifications, we work focused on fair trade with our collaborators!


Each part of our production chain is very important, so our farmers and all the agents involved in our production processes are treated fairly!

Respect for the environment

We have a great respect for nature and the environment and we are promoters of its protection. Our work focuses on caring for our planet, the source of the greatest wealth, life!

Products manufactured in the Peruvian Amazon

100% Peruvian premium quality

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Manufacturing SuperFoods